10 Tips for Getting the Best Car Insurance Quote

Car insurance is one of those necessities that everyone hates paying but needs to carry. Fortunately, getting multiple car insurance quotes is a lot easier, thanks to the Internet. Since everyone wants to save money and get a great deal, it’s important to compare several quotes to see which company would serve you best. The price of the insurance policy is important, but you also want great coverage. It could mean the difference between getting a brand-new car and having no car at all!

The type of vehicle you own, where you park it, your age, and your driving history affects your car insurance quote. You don’t have much control over a few of these factors, but you can still get the best quote possible for your own situation. Check out some of the best tips to get the best car insurance quote:

1. Pull your credit report and try to clean it up. Make sure the information is correct, dispute any irregularities, and pay down debts. A high credit score can get you a lower car insurance rate.

2. Be a good driver and a good student (if you’re in school). These qualities can lower your rate by 10 percent or more.

3. Ask the agent about any discounts for members of clubs or organizations.

4. A yearly policy is substantially lower than a six-month policy.

5. Tell the agent that you are thinking about switching car insurance policies to see if you can negotiate a lower rate.

6. Buy a vehicle with a high safety rating. Sports cars tend to raise insurance rates. Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissans often have lower rates.

7. Compare not only the cost, but also the coverage. Basic coverage usually only covers major medical expenses – not car damage. Comprehensive coverage is the best type of car insurance to have, but it also costs more every month. The more expensive your car, the more coverage you want to have.

8. Choose a higher deductible if you want low monthly payments. The downside to high deductibles is that you have to pay out of pocket if you get into an accident and damage your car.

9. Get quotes from national companies and local companies. Sometimes national companies offer more perks, but local companies might offer lower rates and better customer service.

10. Evaluate your car insurance every year and call your agent to see about lowering your rate.

About Brian Hendricks

Brian Hendricks is the President of Fidelity Insurance Group. Brian started Fidelity in 2003 with 0 clients. Today Fidelity Insurance Group is a Premier Independent Insurance Agency in Florida with over 3,000 families and businesses insured. Brian currently serves on advisory boards for 2 of the largest property insurance companies in Florida. Knowlege, Integrity, and Committment are his and his agency's guiding principles.
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