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Daytona Homeowners Insurance

Daytona Homeowners Insurance

Daytona Beach may be best known as a destination for motorsports fans and for tourists seeking the sun.  Yet millions of Florida residents must keep in mind the risks of living so close to the ocean and take necessary precautions, like acquiring homeowners insurance. Storms have the power to cause billions of dollars in damage and render thousands of people homeless. It happens year after year. The peace of mind that comes from having comprehensive homeowners insurance coverage is invaluable. The safety net that homeowners insurance provides is priceless. We all need to protect our homes and property from natural calamities like tropical storms, hurricanes, and other unexpected damages caused by fire and wind. Most importantly, we must protect ourselves and our families.

Fidelity Insurance Group is the perfect choice for fulfilling the home insurance needs for your Daytona residence. A tailored insurance program is provided after a complete analysis of your home. To get started, simply click here today for a FREE quote! Why Daytona homeowners can count on Fidelity Insurance Group to meet their insurance needs… While we do specialize in competitive prices and affordable rates, our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart.  We have experienced insurance agents who deal with clients on an individual basis. Check out what our clients have been saying about us! A good insurance group has the knowledge and time to help you understand the particulars of homeowners insurance. So how much coverage will you need? The amount of homeowners insurance you buy should be sufficient to cover your home, personal belongings and financial well-being in case of a mishap. Standard insurance for most Daytona homeowners would provide coverage for the following: dwelling (home) coverage, coverage of other structures such as garages or sheds, coverage of contents such as furniture, appliances and electronics, coverage of shelter and food when your home becomes inhabitable. It can also include personal liability coverage if you are financially responsible in a lawsuit, and medical payment coverage if someone is injured on your property. Tips for selecting homeowners insurance for your Daytona home:

  • Ensure the agent is licensed!
  • Prepare a list of specific questions.
  • Ask the agent what perils would be covered.
  • Take note of potential reimbursement amounts.

If you plan on buying a home in Daytona… Although homeowners insurance, unlike auto insurance, is not required by Florida state law, many lenders require that home buyers acquire a policy. Yet even if the lender does not require that you buy homeowners insurance, it is still advisable, as your home is often your most important investment. Contact us today with your questions and concerns. We look forward to serving you!

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