December Is National Impaired Prevention Month

safety-monthDecember is one of the busiest months for traffic across the nation, but it is also one of the most dangerous months for road travel. This is due to an increase in alcohol and drug-related crashes. In addition to this, inclement weather and slick roads in many parts of the country make conditions even more hazardous. In 2010, there was an average of 25 people killed every day in drunk driving crashes.

December is the National Impaired Prevention Month, which is a time for people to raise awareness of the consequences of drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs. President Obama urged all Americans to be responsible in their decision making and to take the right measures to avoid driving while impaired. There are several tips that experts came up with to help keep people safe during the holiday season:

– If holiday plans include alcohol, be sure to plan ahead to arrange a safe trip home. Even a person who has had one too many drinks has an increased risk of crashing. Using a designated driver is a good idea.

– When a friend is drinking, do not allow that person to drive home. Call a taxi for that individual or arrange for another form of transportation.

– If a designated driver cannot be arranged, call a taxi or use public transportation.

– Always wear a seat belt when in the car.

– If a suspected drunk driver is spotted on the road, never hesitate to call 911. It is better to be safe than sorry, and that call could save a person’s life.

Very few people consider the likelihood of a tragedy overshadowing their holiday fun. However, even people who do not include alcohol in their plans are at risk, and those who drink are at an even greater risk. Drunk driving is preventable, so it is important for every person to do his or her part to keep others and themselves safe. Part of being responsible also means looking out for others. Not all people are easy to deal with when they have been drinking. However, every person should look out for others and try to keep them from getting behind the wheel when they have been drinking. When faced with such a situation, the following tips are helpful:

– Try to approach the person in a non-confrontational manner.

– Keep in mind that the person is impaired, so it is best to speak slowly and repeat ideas as needed.

– Suggest some alternate ways of getting to a destination such as a cab or public transportation.

– Explain that the person should not drive home because people care about him or her.

– Suggest that the person sleep over if he or she will not comply with arranging alternate transportation.

– Ask a friend for help if necessary. It is usually harder for a person to turn down the advice of two or three friends as opposed to just one.

– Whenever possible, take the person’s keys. It is easier to persuade a person when he or she cannot find vehicle keys.

If following these tips does not help, contact law enforcement to help. Even if friends are arrested, it is better than letting them get behind the wheel and injure others or themselves. To learn more about these issues and how to stay protected with adequate auto coverage, discuss concerns with an agent.


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