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Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida Homeowners Insurance

Florida has the longest coastline of all fifty states, and much of the state is at or near sea level. Lakes, rivers and creeks of many sizes are in abundance. A threat of hurricanes and tropical storms looms for 6 months each year in Florida. Our “Sunshine State” also experiences other natural threats in many forms year-round: lightning, tornadoes, fires and thunderstorms. 

Did you know? Florida has one of the highest numbers of tornadoes per square mile.

You need to ensure that you, your family and your property are protected from such disasters. No one wants to see their home damaged or worse yet, completely destroyed. But at least if it does happen you can rely on a Florida homeowners insurance policy to repair or rebuild your Florida home.

When homeowners have to utilize the actual coverage that insurance provides, they often find themselves in a distressing, emotionally-charged situation. Therefore caring client support and service is of utmost importance. Fidelity Insurance Group ensures our clients receive individualized attention during such sensitive times. Read what they say!

Factors that affect the cost of Florida homeowners insurance premiums include your home’s:

  • age
  • structure
  • roof
  • garage
  • building material
  • location

So how much is it? Current or potential Florida homeowners can get free home insurance quotes Florida here!

Fidelity Insurance Group also provides custom Florida home insurance policies that cover not only natural disasters but it can also cover theft or injuries under personal liability insurance.

Contact us for more information about our Florida homeowners insurance options and ask us about tips for getting a lower premium for your Florida residence!

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