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General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Your business faces liabilities every day. The best way to protect your assets and your agency is with a general liability policy provided by Fidelity Insurance Group. General liability insurance covers bodily injury, physical injury, and property damage claims. As a business owner, you never know if tomorrow is the day you’ll be faced with a disgruntled customer or a slip and fall accident. The possibilities of disaster and chaos are endless. Find your calm within the storm with a policy that protects you from Fidelity Insurance Group.

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General liability enables business owners like you continue to continue operations while it faces claims of negligence or wrongdoings. These claims can come in the form of bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and advertising injury. Additionally, the liability policy covers the cost to defend or settle claims – even if they’re fraudulent.

Why General Liability Policies Are Important

Every business benefits from more coverage, especially when it comes to damage or injuries caused by your employees at a client’s site. Fidelity Insurance Group protects you against these types of incidents. In today’s faltering economy, general liability gives you that added security that if something happens today, it won’t ruin your business tomorrow.

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