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Life Insurance

Death isn’t a topic that anyone wants to discuss or think about. However, it’s important to ensure your family is protected before it’s too late. Don’t lose sleep over what will happen to your family in case something happens to you. Fidelity Insurance Group is here to take the fear out of life insurance. Life insurance is an important part of a sound financial policy, get started on your coverage today.

Types of Life Insurance We Provide:

Term Life vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term life policies take in effect after death only and if you live past the length of your policy, you receive no payment.

Permanent life insurance is more expensive because a portion of the money is put into a savings program. The longer the policy is active, the higher the cash value.

If you’re unsure which policy is right for you, contact Fidelity Insurance Group today for a thorough consultation that will help you make the most of your life insurance policy.

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