Is Pet Insurance Really Necessary?

Veterinary bills are increasing much faster than the overall rate of inflation. Part of this reason lies in the advancements of medical techniques and the increasing number of veterinarian specialists. These trends, however, come at a price. Performing a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exam on the spine of a cat can cost $1,300. Removing a tumor on a dog can cost $3,700 and implanting a pacemaker can cost $5,500. Even dealing with a dislocated ankle can cost upwards of $5,000. As a result, pet insurance sales are increasing rapidly. Is this a wise purchase? If the answer to any of the questions below is yes, you should seriously consider purchasing this coverage.

● Are you willing to go into debt to provide health care for your pet?
● Do you consider your pet an integral member of the family?
● Are you on a fixed or limited income?
● Would you be willing to spend over $4,000 to save your pet in a life-threatening situa-tion?

If you decide to purchase this protection, you should carefully compare the rates and policy pro-visions of at least three well-established pet insurers.

About Brian Hendricks

Brian Hendricks is the President of Fidelity Insurance Group. Brian started Fidelity in 2003 with 0 clients. Today Fidelity Insurance Group is a Premier Independent Insurance Agency in Florida with over 3,000 families and businesses insured. Brian currently serves on advisory boards for 2 of the largest property insurance companies in Florida. Knowlege, Integrity, and Committment are his and his agency's guiding principles.
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