Jacksonville Uninsured Drivers

The real facts are there are an average of 469 tickets issued every day in Jacksonville/Duval County by various law enforcement agencies, including the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and others. This number includes criminal, non-criminal/moving violations, and non-moving infractions. In all, 171,177 tickets were issued in 2011 because a driver did something wrong and broke the law, according to the Florida Uniform Traffic Citation Statistics.

If you’ve been thinking about lowering your automobile insurance coverage, now is not the time. Almost 25% of local drivers are not insured, but are out on the road with the potential to cause an accident and wreak havoc on your life.

There are any number of reasons why some motorists are uninsured and still drive, but none of them are good reasons. For every three motorists who obey the law and have insurance, one motorist does not. The next time you’re on the road behind the wheel, look around and see if you can figure out who doesn’t have insurance. The guy over there in the junker? The young woman in the compact with a child seat? The man in the slightly older Mercedes? Which one? How about the potential for all of them. You can’t tell who has insurance and who doesn’t. All you can do is make sure you are properly protected against any one of them, every moment of the day.

Florida lawmakers recognized the potential of uninsured motorists, which is the reason insurance companies offer specific insurance guarding against this. An uninsured motorist is also likely to be a “hit and run” motorist; being involved in an accident and then fleeing the scene because they know of the potential for being arrested at an accident scene for driving without insurance – which, in Florida, also means driving without a license because licenses are nearly automatically suspended without proof of insurance coverage.

Don’t take a chance of being a victim of an uninsured driver; make sure your liability coverage for all of your vehicles is high enough to prevent a minor accident turning into a catastrophic event because someone else doesn’t care about breaking the law and driving without insurance.

Good drivers are well insured drivers.

About Brian Hendricks

Brian Hendricks is the President of Fidelity Insurance Group. Brian started Fidelity in 2003 with 0 clients. Today Fidelity Insurance Group is a Premier Independent Insurance Agency in Florida with over 3,000 families and businesses insured. Brian currently serves on advisory boards for 2 of the largest property insurance companies in Florida. Knowlege, Integrity, and Committment are his and his agency's guiding principles.
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