Mature Drivers and Vehicle Safety Technologies

mature-driversFrom a list of 10 new vehicle features, mature drivers rated blind spot warning systems as the highest priority. They said this technology would make them feel safer while driving. A recent survey showing these findings also showed that drivers who had at least one of the top 10 cited technologies said they felt more confident while driving than those who had none of these technologies.

Researchers said that part of their study focused on technology and mature drivers, so they wanted to discover what features this group preferred for feeling safer while on the road. The study suggested that experienced drivers place a higher value on technology that assists with parking and lane changes. They say this is encouraging and is in line with previous research that showed this group felt turning their heads to watch a blind spot was challenging. Researchers said this finding affirms their understanding of changing flexibility with age.

Consumers ranked a list that included 10 different vehicle technologies in accordance with what they thought would make them feel safer while driving. The top technologies for mature drivers included the following:

– Emergency response systems contribute to fast assistance after collisions.
– Lane departure warnings help drivers know when they deviate outside of lines.
– Crash mitigation systems detect when vehicles are in danger of colliding.
– Drowsy driver alerts monitor vehicle movement based on assumed driver alertness.
– Vehicle stability control brings the vehicle back on the right path of travel.
– Assistive parking systems help vehicles park on their own or make parking easier.
– Reverse monitoring systems warn of objects in the rear to enhance safety.
– Voice activated systems allow access to controls with voice commands.
– Smart headlights adjust intensity and range of light based on oncoming traffic.
– Blind spot warning systems alert drivers of objects in their blind spots when they are getting ready to change lanes or park.

Researchers found that women were more likely than men to have vehicles with all 10 technologies. This research showed that more than 50 percent of mature drivers planned to purchase a vehicle with safety features within the next five years, which shows that more consumers will likely be seeking these technologies more and more in the future. As new technologies appear in vehicles, it is helpful for motorists to learn how to use them correctly to maximize their safety abilities. Researchers say that their survey showed more acceptance with the aging population of using applied technologies in vehicles.

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