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Orange Park, Green Cove Springs and Clay County, the jewels of Northeast Florida: a great place to live and raise a family; stable, participatory government; and convenient access to both Jacksonville and Gainesville. It’s the perfect spot, nestled along the St. Johns River. Green Cove Springs was once a haven for tourists with the healing spring waters, then a major base for the United States Navy’s post-World War II ghost fleet, anchored in the river, awaiting recall to duty in case of a global emergency. Orange Park has grown from a sleepy village into a vibrant town, with nearly every required service available, from birth to the end of life.

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Today’s Clay County is full of residences and bustling businesses, all seeking a quality of life away from the big city, but close enough for a comfortable commute when necessary.

The jewels of Northeast Florida do have many other things in common with the rest of Florida, such as six months of hurricane season, flooding (especially if you live near Black Creek), wildfires, and the occasional tornado over land and water spout in the river. Mother Nature is always sure to offer all of her experience to everyone in Florida at one time or another.

Fidelity Insurance Group, which serves customers throughout Florida, is headquartered in Orange Park, and is deeply committed to the residents of Clay County and Northeast Florida. Fidelity Insurance Group offers every type of liability insurance you need to protect you, your home, and your valuable possessions from the wrath of Mother Nature. You can enjoy the abundant lifestyle of Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Doctors Inlet, Middleburg, Keystone Heights, and everywhere in Clay County knowing you never have to worry about property damage or replacement costs because you have the insurance coverage which makes sure you have peace of mind.

The full line of property insurance policies available through Fidelity Insurance Group comes with our caring and proactive client support and superior customer service. Fidelity Insurance Group never stops working to help you put things right. Our clients tell our story best, read here what they say.

Look at what affects the cost of homeowners insurance premiums in Florida to get started on finding the right coverage. You provide us with basic information and we help fill in the blanks:

  • Age of the home; when it was built?
  • Structure; one story home, multi-story home?
  • Roof; what type of roof such as shingle, tile, metal?
  • Garage; attached or detached?
  • Building material; wood, concrete block, brick, other?
  • Location; on or near the beach, near any body of water, close to emergency services?

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Fidelity Insurance Group also provides custom homeowners insurance policies which not only cover natural disasters, but are also available to cover theft or injuries under personal liability insurance.

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