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Pensacola Homeowners Insurance

Pensacola Home Insurance

For most people, a home is their most valuable asset.  But having your home covered by a good insurance policy is not just about protecting your belongings; it is about protecting yourself, your family and your wallet. A comprehensive Pensacola homeowners insurance policy is the solution. Pensacola has a large population that has been at the mercy of hurricanes in the past. In 2004, Hurricane Ivan crushed a bridge along I-10 over Escambia Bay among other scenes of devastation. The large storm even damaged dwellings as far as 20 miles inland from the Gulf’s coastline. Federal funding (provided via FEMA) ran out in two years after the disaster for affected households.

The risks for damage through either crime or inclement weather are real, and you must prepare you and your family.


Fidelity Insurance Group provides homeowners with a variety of insurance options, offered by experienced insurance agents. One of the most common mistakes when purchasing a Pensacola Homeowners insurance policy is not selecting the correct type of coverage. Our agents can personalize your policy to ensure it’s appropriate for your dwelling and your personal possessions.

Significant components of Pensacola homeowners insurance:

  • residence coverage
  • coverage of personal property or items
  • liability coverage

The Pensacola homeowners insurance policies we offer Pensacola residents would cover most losses, except those caused by floods and natural disasters, which require a separate policy. Since there are low-lying areas prone to flooding during heavy rains, it’s not a bad idea to consider your home’s location and risk for flooding. As many as one-third of flood claims are in areas that are not even actual flood zones so don’t fully rely on those boundaries as an indicator; water will flow and rise. About flood insurance

We also offer umbrella policies for other liabilities that either might be exhausted by your standard insurance or simply not covered. Read more about our personal umbrella options.


Do your research to find the best Florida Insurance Pensacola FL policy package for your situation. We are happy to assist you in the process and can answer your questions along the way.

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