When Short-Term Health Insurance Makes Sense

People who are between jobs must worry about health insurance. This is also true of people whose health benefits have been cut somewhat. Individuals in either of these situations can benefit from short-term medical insurance. When shopping for plans, it is important to know what to look for.

The first step is to decide what is needed. Every person or family has different needs. People must decide whether the price of the policy or its term length is more important. People who are still working may have different needs than self-employed individuals. Such factors are important to consider when deciding whether the price or term length is more important.

It is important to avoid rushing when choosing a plan. Finding the best policy for individual needs may take time. However, those who are diligent about finding the best plan are usually rewarded with a good price. Some people start by asking family members or friends for referrals. A better way to find a plan is to ask a current insurer. Agents are happy to assist, and their resources are often the best. This is the surest way to find a reputable company, so discuss this issue with an agent. To find out more about an insurer recommended by an agent, go online to research the company.

An agent may also have more than one recommendation. If agents have multiple sources, they may recommend specific ones based on a person’s individual needs. When there are several companies to compare, go online to obtain free quotes. Every insurance company offers these via a Web site or over the phone. There is just a short application to fill out to get a quote. Before choosing a plan, be sure to compare quotes from at least three different companies. If information about the company’s reputation is desired, read forums or the BBB’s complaint board.

After comparing quotes, carefully examine the benefits. Be sure to read the fine print for any exclusions. Some short-term medical plans have more generous terms than others do. However, they usually come with a slightly higher price. If the cost is not a major factor, it is best to choose the company with the most extensive benefits. Lastly, contact the customer service departments for each of the prospective companies. Take note of hold times, the attitudes of customer service representatives and how knowledgeable employees seem to be. Find out if there is an emergency number where a live operator is available around the clock. After testing and researching the companies, it is time to make a decision. If the choice seems difficult to make, discuss the matter with an agent.

About Brian Hendricks

Brian Hendricks is the President of Fidelity Insurance Group. Brian started Fidelity in 2003 with 0 clients. Today Fidelity Insurance Group is a Premier Independent Insurance Agency in Florida with over 3,000 families and businesses insured. Brian currently serves on advisory boards for 2 of the largest property insurance companies in Florida. Knowlege, Integrity, and Committment are his and his agency's guiding principles.
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