Why Insurance Agents Piss Me Off!

The Redneck Renegade of Insurance

Disclaimer: The views in this post are those of The Redneck Renegade of Insurance. Anyone who disagrees with the opinions here within will just have to deal with it. Sometimes the truth hurts!

It astonishes me at the lack of intelligence, ignorance, or just plain lack of ethics that most insurance agents have. I have been in this industry for many years and I can honestly say I have never seen the blatant lies and undercutting that other agents do just to obtain a new customer. Maybe it’s the economy and they… the other agents feel the need to drop a few notches on the ethical pole to obtain their sales goals. You… the consumer would be amazed at what me and my agency see on a daily basis. These “agents” promise the world at a fantastic price,  and never actually make sure you are properly protected. What the Hell are you paying for?? To make sure you and your family are properly protected. Right?

Does this mean all agents are terrible? Of course not! I know a handful of reputable, highly ethical insurance agents that I have become very close with. Unfortunately, we typically only say anything about this between ourselves.

I think It’s time for the public to hear it. I’ve always been called the “Turd In The Punchbowl”, and I’m actually happy with that. At least you know what you get. Tactfulness has not always been my forte.

We at Fidelity always try to do our due diligence when it comes to proper protection at the fairest price. Just giving a quote without properly interviewing the consumer is bad business and it only hurts the consumer.

Have you ever heard the saying “You are Fully Covered”? You show me a policy that has you “Fully Covered” without limitations or exclusions and I will by you lunch. It doesn’t exist. This is just a sales tactic.

I could continue on, but I have a ton to say on many subjects of insurance and how agents are conducting business. I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, or will be more than happy to expand on how most agents conduct business.

I normally would not try and degrade my fellow agents or this industry, but it is time for a change. This is a relationship business. No matter how much the media wants to portray that insurance comes in a box or one size fits all. “It’s Wrong”

Bottom Line…You can obtain the proper coverage at a reasonable price. Consumers just need an agent that will tell “The Ugly Truth”. This agency will.


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To be continued……………….


The Redneck Renegade of Insurance

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The Redneck Renegade of Insurance joins this blog to bring to light the unethical practices that many insurance agents engage in. The Redneck Renegade of Insurance is a licensed agent (and a lot country) and he wants to bring consumer awareness to how insurance should be conducted. He is a little rough around the edges, blunt, and not liked by many insurance agents. We wonder why? He hopes the reader finds valuable information from his posts and gets a laugh.
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